Recipe: Succotash with Pepper Relish

by Tsai

How do we cook at Tsai? We begin always with the freshest produce, use straightforward and precise preparations that allow each ingredient to shine, and create combinations that intrigue and satisfy the palate, as well as the eyes. Each Saturday is as much an adventure for us as it is for you, the diner, and we’d like to share our way of cooking with you. The recipes here are easily adaptable and meant to encourage substitutions and experimentation.

By popular demand, here’s how we made the succotash from our 7/16 soft opening:

Ingredients: lima beans, fresh corn, celery, mushrooms, onions, bay leaves, garlic, vegetable stock, hot and not-so-hot peppers, oil, white wine vinegar, cherry tomatoes, scallions and parsley

1. soak lima beans overnight, prepare vegetable stock, cut kernels from corn cob

2. cook lima beans with bay leaves, diced onions, minced celery, and minced garlic in vegetable stock or water

3. when the lima beans are cooked halfway, not quite tender, add in corn kernels

4. when the lima beans are almost tender, add sliced mushrooms

5. gently cook minced peppers in oil; once the peppers are tender and fully cooked, allow the mixture to cool before adding an equal amount of vinegar and some salt,  at least 20 minutes before serving

6. serve succotash with a spoonful of pepper relish, and garnish with sliced cherry tomatoes, scallions, and parsley