TSAI Test Kitchen, this Sunday

by Tsai

This Sunday at noon, 4/1, in City Park, we’ll be hosting our first TSAI Test Kitchen.


We’d like to test out some of our festival-themed menu items with a small group of people in preparation for the April 14 OCH Art Market at the Zeitgeist Arts Center. To that end, we’re going to be in City Park this Sunday with a bunch of food. We’re thinking tomato tarts, mushroom beignets with horseradish and scallions, cabbage wraps with pickled turnips and roasted peanuts, Chinese barbeque fried rice, and who knows what else depending on what’s at the market on Saturday.


If you’re interested, send an email to tsainola@gmail.com with an idea for a possible TSAI event location that we should consider in the future (Remember, we did an event on a bridge over Bayou St. John last year, so don’t sell us short when coming up with ideas.) We’ll pick the five best suggestions by noon on Friday, post them to our blog, and the persons responsible for sending in each of the five will receive an invitation for them and a friend to join us on Sunday for menu testing. (Feel free to send in suggestions in the form of a picture.) We can’t promise that everything will be perfect this Sunday, but you’ll get to try out some of our ideas as we work on them, and we’ll get some feedback on our experiments along with great suggestions for future TSAI events. Win-win, no?