Pictures from the TSAI Test Kitchen

by Tsai

A small group of esteemed guests joined us this past Sunday in City Park for the TSAI Test Kitchen, to try some of our menu ideas and provide us with some feedback as we refine our recipes. We had shiitake mushroom and horseradish beignets with homemade mustard, kohlrabi salad with beets and blackberries, a tomato tart, barbeque fried rice, fava bean and roasted cauliflower salad, and cabbage wraps with a spicy peanut sauce, goat yogurt, cucumbers, pickled fennel, and egg. For dessert, we shared a blackberry tart made with blackberries picked earlier in the week in City Park. Here are a few pictures. You’ll see a number of these items at our next event, which will be on April 14 at the OCH Art Market.