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Roadside Eating, Taipei Style

We started TSAI a few years ago talking about how we were inspired by the food and eating habits of the Taiwanese. This is what we were talking about. Park your scooter. Pull up a stool. Order some stinky tofu with a side of pickled cabbage or a quick bowl of noodles. Or maybe grab a few tea eggs, plucked from a bubbling cauldron and dropped into a plastic bag for you to carry away.
roadside eating

tea eggs in plastic


Pics from the OCH Art Market


Photos from 8/19 TSAI House

Our good friend Kendall Calyen took wonderful pictures of last Sunday’s TSAI House event with Leyla McCalla. Take a look on our Facebook page. Many thanks to all of our guests, Leyla, and friends for a beautiful evening.

Pictures from Rio Mar

small plates

green beans with chick peas

bread and spreads

vegetables and rice

ice cream sandwiches

Many thanks to Sergio Padilla for taking and sharing these pictures. For more, please visit our Facebook page, where we’ll have many more pictures to view.

TSAI House pictures, OCH Market on Sunday

We have pictures from our TSAI House event last Sunday in the Marigny here. We also recently agreed to be the primary food vendor at the OCH Art Market on the second Saturday of every month from now through the end of 2012, so please visit us there starting this Saturday to eat our food, refresh yourself with our delicious beverages, and to see the improvements being made to both the space we’re working out of as well as to OC Haley Boulevard as a whole. The corridor has come a long way in just the last couple of years, and we’re excited to be a part of it.



TSAI at the OCH Art Market

What a spot! Many thanks to the OCH Art Market, organizers and volunteers, and the Zeitgeist Arts Center for the opportunity to serve food at the market yesterday, to Annemarie Gray for the beautiful menu design, and Kevin Kemp for realizing that bouquets of Swiss chard, scallions, and parsley would be ideal as floral arrangements.

Pictures from the TSAI Glad Tidings Brunch

One of our guests, Joanna Sternberg, has kindly shared with us some of the pictures that she took at our holiday brunch last weekend — see below. For more pictures, see guest Nora’s account of her TSAI brunch experience. Many thanks to our hosts, musicians, and guests for a wonderful event.  

Check in the next couple of days for new recipes, and in the coming weeks for news of upcoming events. We can’t wait to feed everyone again soon, and we’d like to wish everyone the best of holiday seasons, and a great start to the new year. 

Photos from Noodles and Music

Many thanks to everyone that made it out for noodles and music last night, and especially to our gracious hosts on Foucher St. and our musicians Hannah KB, Tom W on the fiddle, and Errol B on the flute. The pictures below are from Andy Sternad. For more pictures and stories, one of our diners has already posted a first-hand account of her evening with TSAI.  Thanks, Nora! 

before things got really crazy


kitchen in full swing

7/30 at the Dragon’s Den

coconut lentil rice; zucchini with potatoes, mushrooms, pesto, and garlic croutons; ginger eggplant stew

Sous chef Kevin preparing mushrooms for a glorious bath of pesto, made with parsley and basil freshly picked from Cheryl Nunes's Bywater garden.

Saturday Grand Opening — 7/23

We open officially this Saturday at 6 p.m. Come out for some great food, music, and desserts by Buttered Side Up — the husband and wife team of Savanna Meekins and Chris Kurts. Please visit our Facebook event page for more information.

desserts by Buttered Side Up

setting up for the soft opening