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Photos from the 4/14 Art Market

Our next event will be on the evening of Saturday, 5/5 at a beautiful location on S. Jeff Davis. Until then, here are a few pictures from the OCH Art Market earlier this month.

shiitake mushroom beignets with horseradish and home-made mustard

tomato tart with greens and marinated artichokes


BBQ tomato fried rice and cabbage wraps with cucumbers, carrots, and a peanut pepper sauce

Elizabeth and Sarah helping one of our customers choose from one of our biggest menus yet.



Next TSAI Event, 4/14

Find us next Saturday at the OCH Festival Art Market, 4/14, from 1o a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Zeitgeist Arts Center. Along with two live bands and an array of fantastic vendors, we’ll be serving from our most varied menu to date, with handy finger foods ranging from shiitake mushroom and horseradish beignets to savory tomato tarts and peanut pepper cabbage wraps with goat yogurt and cucumbers. Check in this coming week for our full menu.



Menu for Sunday

We’re still working on this menu for this Sunday’s TSAI House event, which will be from 6-9 at a downtown location, but the main components are in place and should look something like this:

Pickled Fennel and Cabbage

Kale Kimchi and Cantaloupe

Taiwanese Tea Eggs

Fried Ginger Okra and Tomato

Miso Tofu and Wakame

Jasmine Rice with Garlic and Sweet Pea Puree

Custard and Almond Fruit Tarts

Plum Cocktails and Iced Tea

Let us know if you’re coming at tsainola@gmail.com. Click here for a fun little write-up of one of our previous events.